West China Institute of New Materials (Changxing), University of Science and Technology Beijing

  West China Institute of New Materials (Changxing), University of Science and Technology BeijingIt is a new material research institute jointly established by Huaxi Science and Technology Group and Beijing University of Science and Technology. It is currently the only scientific research institute in the field of new materials industry in Huzhou. The institute adheres to the construction principle of "college-led, corporate management, industry-oriented and market-driven", and in line with the purpose of "integrating resources, promoting innovation and serving the industry", it develops the core competence advantages of think tanks and innovative service platforms around the new material industry, mainly facing the field of new material industry, engaged in professional high-tech services such as new material industry research and decision-making consultation, industry-university-research exchanges and cooperation, promoting the transformation, incubation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and building industry public service platforms. The institute has an expert advisory committee composed of 58 well-known domestic experts in materials, design and engineering, including 6 doctors. The institute has five research institutes, including the Institute of Advanced Preparation and Processing Technology, the Institute of Inorganic and Non-metallic Metallurgy, the Institute of Functional Materials, the Center for Ceramic Nano Metallurgy New Materials, and the Experimental and Testing Center. Our institute continues to build a research and innovation system integrating basic research-applied basic research-new material development-new material industrialization, vigorously create an independent innovation environment, deeply promote the combination of new material technology innovation and economic development, and promote the development of new material technology Based on the industrial functional zone, we will strive to explore and build an internationally leading professional new material industry research institute.