Zhejiang huaxi engineering technology group co., ltd

  zhejiang huaxi engineering technology group co., ltdSpecializing in scientific and technological research and innovation, achievement transformation, scientific and technological consultation, technical services, personnel training, domestic and foreign technical cooperation and exchange in the field of inorganic non-metallic materials. Key research and development areas: blast furnace and non-blast furnace ironmaking, nano superhard wear-resistant metallurgical materials, clean steel smelting and other advanced non-metallic materials and new technologies. With the United States TRE company, the North University of Science and Technology jointly set up a blast furnace longevity high-tech alliance, in the blast furnace longevity design technology introduction and research and development to reach the world's advanced level. In the blast furnace longevity high-tech field of in-depth cooperation and promotion, the first EPC integration technology in the domestic large-scale blast furnace successfully applied, the company developed blast furnace life extension Core & Plug plug rod core furnace outside the minimally invasive precision repair technology can provide super-large blast furnace age security. In combination with the national "industrial 4.0", the company comprehensively promotes the construction of digitization, networking, intelligence and standardization, realizes the goal of all-round transformation and upgrading from production mode and technological innovation, and contributes to the strategic planning of "made in China 2025!