Oct 18,2023

Analysis of How to Operate Blast Furnace Before Opening After Spraying Lining?

Blast furnace spraying is a method of rapid lining of a blast furnace, which can be used to reduce the material surface for local spraying, regular furnace type, but also in the blast furnace overhaul when the overall spraying, shorten the blast furnace overhaul time, rapid recovery of production. It is an effective means for rapid lining of blast furnaces and is continuously used by most blast furnaces. The rapid overhaul of the blast furnace, the overall pouring of the furnace cylinder, the spraying of the furnace belly and the lining of the furnace body, greatly shortened the overhaul time, and soon resumed production.

Oct 18,2023

Tangshan Kaiping, Guye, Fengnan, Fengrun and other areas retain a blast furnace production at most!

The people's governments of counties (cities, districts), the management committees of development zones (management zones), and relevant municipal departments: According to the latest forecasts of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, from October 18 to 22, there will be continuous moderate To severe pollution process, the primary pollutant is PM2.5.

Oct 31,2022

The new breakthrough of the whole casting technology of the furnace cylinder, innovation and expansion, leading the new development of the industry

The use of the fourth generation of sialon carbon-nitrogen high-strength composite materials for the overall pouring of the blast furnace cylinder, the fundamental solution to the traditional masonry brick lining complex construction, gas and other problems, widely used in blast furnace cylinder maintenance, new blast furnace cylinder design, greatly improve the construction efficiency at the same time, reduce the cost of repair. At present, some of the domestic blast furnace maintenance, furnace cylinder pouring has been extended to the furnace belly, furnace waist and other parts.

Apr 17,2019

Shangang Rizhao 5100m Blast Furnace Successfully Ignite in Trial Operation

The 2#5100m Blast Furnace Project of Rizhao Fine Steel Base Project of Shangang Group, which was constructed by Shanghai No.20 Blast Furnace Division, started baking on February 28. After half a month, all systems were put into operation normally. In mid-April, the second 5100m Blast Furnace of Shangang Group Rizhao Co., Ltd. was successfully put into trial operation and ignited!

Mar 28,2018

West China recasting boutique project-Zhuhai two blast furnace wet injection lining at the same time started completion.

The professional injection lining process ensures that the furnace type after injection meets the user's requirements and realizes the construction goal. No. 0 blast furnace began spraying at 7 pm on the 21st and finished construction at 9 am on the 22nd.

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