Beijing Elephant Zhiku Technology Co., Ltd

  Beijing Elephant Zhiku Technology Co., LtdFounded in October 2017, it is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of China Gamification Education Professional Committee. Based on brain science, neuroscience, psychology and other cutting-edge research, combined with digital technology, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the company provides users and society with high-value digital products and solutions with intelligent and humanized product concepts. The company takes science, happiness and effectiveness as its core values, and is committed to making people stronger and happier. It focuses on the research and development of creative products of big data and brain science, and creatively transforms the existing scientific theories such as cognitive neuroscience and brain science. Using interactive training, meditation, reading eye movement assistance and other methods, scientifically and efficiently improve people's daily work and learning required brain cognitive abilities and skills, so that users can better cope with life, work and study. Our company ranks first in the comprehensive ranking of online mental training products in China. Domestic online speed reading training products ranked first comprehensively; Research and development of the first AI psychological products in China; Research and development and launch of AI psychology and brain science capability platform; The research on training effectiveness was published in the behaviour of nature human. He once provided professional training for the contestants of "super brain" and "I am a Chinese teenager.