Integral casting technology of furnace cylinder

The integral pouring technology of blast furnace hearth is a new technology of remaking ceramic cup, which is characterized by directly supporting mold pouring close to carbon brick. After pouring, the "ceramic cup" forms an integral combination with carbon brick or residual lining composite brick, resulting in a tighter structure of the hearth. There is no filling layer between traditional ceramic cup and carbon brick, so that the overall heat transfer efficiency of the hearth can be effectively guaranteed and improved to achieve heat transfer balance, the solidification isotherm of molten iron at 1150 ℃ is offset to the ceramic cup, and a "self-generated" slag-iron protective layer can be formed in the furnace cylinder. Protect the safety of the furnace lining, avoid the hidden danger of burning through the furnace cylinder caused by heat transfer, and realize the safe and long life of the furnace cylinder.