Cooling Wall Hot Surface Casting Lining Technology

Furnace Lining Hot Surface Pouring and Lining Technology (Patent No.: 201811449733.8) West China Science and Technology, TRE Company and Beijing University of Science and Technology have innovated and designed on the basis of traditional cooling wall tiles. Composite fiber high-strength wear-resistant castables are used to cast and line the furnace waist area of the furnace belly, thus improving the wear resistance and slag erosion resistance of the furnace lining and effectively reducing the temperature of the cooling wall hot surface, to eliminate thermal stress, coke and other materials and melt from top to bottom friction on the cooling wall damage. Blast furnace lining hot surface pouring technology adopts on-site overall pouring construction, and the composite fiber wear-resistant castable is cast on the hot surface of the cooling stave as a whole, giving full play to the respective advantages of metal materials and non-metallic materials. The hot surface of the cooling stave can well form slag skin, improve the protection performance of the cooling stave and the service life of the cooling stave.