Intelligent grouting technology

Intelligent grouting technology


Product Introduction

The imported thermal infrared imager is used to inspect the blast furnace and hot blast stove, and scientific and effective solutions are formulated.

Business Details

Application scope of Huaxi intelligent grouting technology:

1. Gap filling between blast furnace shell and cooling stave;

2. Maintenance of grouting in tuyere area of blast furnace;

3. Grouting maintenance of blast furnace iron outlet and hearth area;

4, blast furnace hearth area hot and cold surface grouting maintenance;

5. Hot blast stove and hot air piping system grouting maintenance.

Technical advantages:

1. Accurately determine the grouting position, shorten the maintenance time and reduce the maintenance cost;

2. Solve the problems of gas blow-by, gap and shell redness in each part of the furnace body, and reduce the heat loss;

3. The materials used have good oxidation resistance, anti-spalling, alkali resistance, self-flow and heat insulation;

4. Use imported thermal infrared imager to inspect the blast furnace and hot blast stove, and formulate scientific and effective solutions.

Key words:

Intelligent grouting technology


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