West China recasting boutique project-Zhuhai two blast furnace wet injection lining at the same time started completion.


Mar 28,2018



1. Wet Injection Lining Technology
Wet injection lining is a fast, economical and effective technology to extend the life of blast furnace.
On March 21, 2018, Huaxi refractory materials carried out wet injection lining construction on the No. 0 and No. 3 blast furnaces of Zhuhai Yueyufeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
2. construction process
According to the specific conditions of the two blast furnaces, different construction methods are used for the construction of West China refractory materials.
1.0# blast furnace cold artificial injection lining practice
No. 0 furnace throat along the furnace wall was damaged, uneven, resulting in the blast furnace furnace type is not regular, blast furnace gas flow controllability decreased, production indicators are unstable.
In view of this situation, cold artificial injection technology is used to regulate the furnace type and solve the problem of unstable gas flow.
Cleaning of blast furnace walls
Cleaning the furnace wall is one of the key links to ensure the success of injection construction.
Selection of high-quality refractory materials
The long-life ceramic injection material has good adhesion strength and can be firmly integrated with the spraying surface.
Professional construction process
The professional injection lining process ensures that the furnace type after injection meets the user's requirements and realizes the construction goal.
No. 0 blast furnace began spraying at 7 pm on the 21st and finished construction at 9 am on the 22nd.
The newly formed spray layer after construction has the advantages of high strength and wear resistance. The furnace type has been repaired to the ideal furnace type, the rebound rate is less than 5%, and the construction performance is good.
2, 3# blast furnace hot remote control injection lining practice.
At the request of Zhuhai Yueyufeng Factory, the No.3 blast furnace adopts remote-controlled hot wet injection technology. This technology uses a wet injection machine to first convert the castable into a mortar that is uniformly pre-stirred after adding water, and then cooperates with a hot remote-controlled injection manipulator. Through remote-controlled operation, the pumped castable is mixed and sprayed with atomized accelerator at the spray gun opening, and instantaneously solidifies on the surface of the blast furnace body.
On the morning of March 21, boiler 7.3 was shut down, construction started at 1 pm, and construction ended at 3 am on the 22nd. The construction of hot wet injection is convenient and quick, and is not limited by high temperature and height, so that the blast furnace can form a protective lining and operate the furnace type faster, and achieve the purpose of rapid resumption of production.
Henan Huaxi Refractory Co., Ltd. has established the concept of modern scientific and technological construction, high starting point planning, high standard construction, and always strict quality control. Based on the principle of safety first and quality first, it has achieved a high degree of unity of project quality and construction efficiency in the injection construction of Zhuhai No. 0 and No. 3 blast furnaces.
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