Shangang Rizhao 5100m Blast Furnace Successfully Ignite in Trial Operation


Apr 17,2019




The 2#5100m Blast Furnace Project of Rizhao Fine Steel Base Project of Shangang Group, which was constructed by Shanghai No.20 Blast Furnace Division, started baking on February 28. After half a month, all systems were put into operation normally. In mid-April, the second 5100m Blast Furnace of Shangang Group Rizhao Co., Ltd. was successfully put into trial operation and ignited!

The first 5100m ³ blast furnace was put into production at the end of 2017. So far, the two 5100m ³ blast furnaces and supporting production lines of the first phase of the project have been completed.

The successful ignition of the 2#5100m blast furnace of Rizhao Co., Ltd. of Shandong Iron and Steel Group indicates that there are 7 blast furnaces above Grade 5000 in our country, namely: Shagang 5860m, Shougang Jingtang 5500m, Shandong Iron and Steel Rizhao 5100m and Baosteel Zhanjiang 5050m.So far, the world has put into formal production, more than 5000m blast furnace up to 30. Mainly distributed in South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and other countries.