Quality Huaxi Frequency Record High Event Huaxi Technology Group's 2023 Spring Festival Management Meeting Successfully Held!


Feb 01,2023



In order to thoroughly implement the concept of science and technology, improve the comprehensive technical service level of the group company, and create the first international brand of blast furnace lining integrated service. On January 27, 2023, Huaxi Technology Group successfully held the Spring Festival management meeting. A total of 84 persons in charge of Henan Huaxi Refractory Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huaxi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Elephant Zhiku Technology Co., Ltd., Huaxi New Materials (Changxing) Research Institute, Baotou West China Changshou Blast Furnace International Research Institute, Beijing Elephant Intelligent Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd., International Blast Furnace Changshou (China) Research Institute and other units attended the meeting.

Looking back on the 2022, Huaxi Technology has successfully completed the goals and tasks assigned by the group's board of directors with perseverance, concentration and courage to be the first and climb the peak. Zhejiang Huaxi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. and West China New Materials Changxing Research Institute of University of Science and Technology Beijing started construction in Changxing, Zhejiang, which also marks that the extension and expansion of West China Technology in the field of new materials research is about to enter a substantive stage. In 2022, the company's blast furnace maintenance market accounted for 52.94, ranking first in the industry for five consecutive years, ironmaking blast furnace lining integrated services market share first, becoming the industry leader!

Design renderings of Zhejiang Huaxi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Design renderings of West China New Materials Changxing Research Institute, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Jiang Yuyi, president of Huaxi Science and Technology Group, comprehensively summarized and analyzed the operating conditions of the Group Company in 2022, and further promoted the thinking and reached consensus around the strategic positioning of the first international brand of integrated service for ironmaking blast furnace lining. Jiang Zong stressed that Huaxi Science and Technology should be driven by the "troika" of spraying lining, whole furnace pouring and ceramic abrasive resistance to develop continuously and steadily, and EPC integrated services for fine blast furnace lining should be provided to customers with advanced, safe, high-quality and efficient products and technologies, and the first international brand of blast furnace lining integrated services recognized by international standards, industry benchmarks and customers should be adhered.

Xu Jingdong, chief material expert of Blast Furnace Longevity Research Institute, elaborated on the technical advantages and application cases of new materials for West China Science and Technology Blast Furnace Lining. Combined with the damage mechanism of various parts of the blast furnace and the concept of transitional plastic phase process materials of North University of Science and Technology, he made an in-depth analysis of the technical advantages of West China Science and Technology Blast Furnace Lining, hot surface casting of cooling wall and whole furnace lining, pointing out the direction for technological innovation of new materials. Xu Zhen, an iron-making technical expert and senior engineer, summarized the key points of construction site management from the aspects of safety management, quality management and schedule management in an all-round and multi-dimensional way, and made an in-depth analysis in combination with the site management of 2300m ³ blast furnace EPC general contracting project in a steel plant in Liaoning Province, which put forward new heights and requirements for improving the construction service level and project quality.

Kang Zhibin, vice president of the group, made a detailed summary and analysis of the work of various departments such as engineering, technology, production and supply in 2022, and highly affirmed the iron army spirit and professional craftsman spirit of Huaxi people who can endure hardships and fight. At the same time, it puts forward some problems and deficiencies in the work of the previous year, further standardizes enterprise management, strictly controls the production process and construction process, realizes standardized, process-oriented and digital high-quality services, and goes all out to cast quality Huaxi boutique projects. Han Longgang, vice president of the group, clearly pointed out the objectives and tasks of the group company in 2023, the market layout and the efficient and fine division of tasks, and the responsibility is implemented to the people. Han Zong also analyzed the successful development case of the EPC general contracting project of 1#1260m ³ blast furnace in a steel mill in Hebei Province from the actual use effect of customers, and summarized the advantages of EPC general contracting of West China Science and Technology blast furnace lining from the perspective of the owner: 1. Strong technical team; 2. Scientific material selection; 3. Careful project organization; 4. High-quality technical services.

Jiang Fangqiang, general manager of the Human Resources Center, interpreted the group company's "people-oriented" salary plan, and strived to further enhance the employees' sense of the protagonist in the new year and stimulate higher work enthusiasm. Zheng Jianxun, general manager of the Finance Center, made a detailed report on enterprise cost control and contract management to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. Han Mucang, general manager of the technology center, takes the quality plan goal as the guidance, formulates the quality control and product development plan measures, puts forward the difficult points of quality control, and formulates effective methods and measures to improve product quality. Kang Mufan, general manager of the quality center, proposed to continue to promote high quality product optimization and research and development in 2023, and product quality control will be more standardized, refined and standardized.

Finally, Jiang Yuzheng, chairman of the group, summarized the meeting. The chairman pointed out that in 2023, Huaxi Technology will make every effort to build the first international brand of blast furnace lining integrated services, achieve the market goal of "689" market share, plan development with a broader vision, and strive to achieve the group's "fourth 10 years" Strategic goals. The chairman called on all Huaxi employees to continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, form and optimize more technologies and services that match the first international brand, assume the responsibility of helping China's steel industry and refractory industry to develop to a higher level, and continue to provide efficient, safe and longevity EPC integrated technology services for domestic and foreign steel users.

Although the road is far, the line will come. Although things are difficult, they will be done. In the new year, Huaxi Science and Technology will create a new business card of "quality Huaxi frequency innovation" with the development concept of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty, so as to realize the strategic goal of blast furnace lining integrated service for the first international brand. Continue to adhere to international standards, industry benchmarking, to help global steel enterprises to achieve green, efficient, safe, longevity of ironmaking! Let ironmaking workers peace of mind, happy, down-to-earth work! Promote the high-quality development of the steel and refractory industries!