Blast furnace lining new navigation mark to reduce cost and increase efficiency-integrated whole furnace pouring technology


Feb 23,2023



The integrated whole furnace pouring technology (patent number: ZL2020109906820) is a major technological revolution in the history of blast furnace lining, and it is a plan for large and medium repair of blast furnace. Its key advantage lies in the targeted development of structural refractory materials for each part of the blast furnace according to the reasons for erosion. The establishment of three new material systems and new technology theory, the use of materials require plastic forming, reaction enhancement, strict material requirements; Change the traditional construction process, a pouring molding, the whole blast furnace lining from bottom to top to form a complete whole. The technology has been successfully applied to a number of large-scale blast furnace projects in China, with a market share of 93.33 per cent.

The traditional overhaul of blast furnace is to use combined bricks to re-build the hearth, replace the cooling wall locally or as a whole, and spray the furnace body with refractory materials. This kind of maintenance malpractice is also very obvious. It consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. The maintenance in sections and parts causes great difference between the furnace type and the design furnace type. The common problem of "gas channeling" has always been a headache for iron and steel enterprises. And in the material preparation and production and other aspects also produced a certain degree of repeatability, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution.

Huaxi Science and Technology Group has focused on the field of blast furnace refractory materials for 65 years, serving more than 3000 seats in blast furnace projects. After years of research and development innovation and technology accumulation, combined with the uniqueness and superiority of Huaxi materials, it has developed and put forward the international leading integrated whole furnace casting technology. The successful application of Huaxi integrated whole furnace pouring technology makes the blast furnace lining can perfectly restore the design furnace type, remove the problem of "gas leakage" and "gas leakage" from the root, reduce the coke ratio, reduce the fuel ratio, improve the utilization coefficient, realize the blast furnace cost reduction and efficiency, has been widely used in large, medium and small blast furnaces at home and abroad.

The bottom part of the furnace uses HX-LD Sialon carbon and nitrogen high-strength composite materials instead of traditional ceramic coasters, which can effectively resist the erosion of molten iron and stably maintain the thermal balance of the bottom of the furnace.

HX-LG high toughness sialon composite material is used to replace the traditional ceramic cup brick, which eliminates the filling layer between the traditional ceramic cup and carbon brick, reduces the thermal resistance layer, and ensures the overall heat transfer efficiency of the pouring furnace.

The HX-TK anti-erosion composite material is used to replace the high alumina brick of the iron mouth in the iron mouth area, which maximizes the strength and density of the iron mouth lining material, resists the erosion of the molten iron circulation, and increases the erosion resistance of slag iron.

The tuyere area belongs to the high temperature zone, and the traditional tuyere combination brick is replaced by HX-FK high wear-resistant and scouring-resistant composite material to quickly form slag skin and prolong the service life of the tuyere area.

The hot surface casting of the cooling wall at the waist of the furnace belly furnace adopts HXNM-TICTC high-strength composite material instead of traditional Si4N3-SiC tiles, which has high toughness, high strength, resistance to slag iron erosion and alkali erosion.

HXNM-GL sialon composite material is used to replace the traditional phosphoric acid dipped clay brick in the hot surface casting of the upper cooling wall of the furnace body, which has wear resistance, high strength, good toughness, mechanical wear resistance and thermal shock resistance.

The whole furnace pouring process adopts erecting tripod, supporting mold, pumping self-flow pouring layer by layer in the furnace, one-time pouring molding, the whole blast furnace lining from bottom to top to form a complete whole, the whole furnace pouring is completed according to the oven curve for baking, in order to ensure that the strength of the material and other properties can be fully realized.

Integrated Whole Furnace Pouring of 2280m ³ Blast Furnace in a Steel Plant in Henan

Integrated Whole Furnace Pouring of 2800m ³ Blast Furnace in a Steel Plant in Shandong

Integrated Whole Furnace Pouring of 3000m ³ Blast Furnace in a Steel Plant in Shandong

Integrated Whole Furnace Pouring of 1280m ³ Blast Furnace in a Steel Plant in Shanxi

Integrated Whole Furnace Pouring of 450m ³ Blast Furnace in a Steel Plant in Jiangsu

West China integrated whole furnace pouring technology marks the development history of blast furnace lining into another technological revolution, has quickly become a blast furnace repair program. With the advantages of construction period, overall contracting advantages and service quality advantages, it has won the recognition of the market and the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad.

Sword front comes from sharpening, plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. Huaxi people have created high-quality projects with painstaking efforts and sweat. While completing each project with high efficiency and high quality, they have also won unanimous praise from customers, which has strengthened our development confidence and innovation pace. In the future, Huaxi Science and Technology will take the development of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty as the focus of promoting the growth of enterprises, build the first international brand of blast furnace lining integrated service, adhere to international standards and industry benchmark, and help global iron and steel enterprises to achieve green, efficient, safe and longevity ironmaking! Let ironmaking workers peace of mind, happy, down-to-earth work!