The world's first integrated whole furnace casting technology won the national patent office authorization! Market share 93.33 percent


Jan 12,2023



A few days ago, Huaxi Science and Technology declared that the invention patent of "an integrated whole furnace pouring refractory structure construction method applied to blast furnace lining" was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The invention relates to the technical field of blast furnace construction technology, in particular to a construction method of an integrated full pouring refractory structure applied to the lining of a blast furnace. The furnace bottom area adopts furnace bottom castable for pouring construction instead of the traditional ceramic cup cushion, and the furnace cylinder part adopts furnace cylinder castable instead of the traditional ceramic cup brick, eliminates the filling layer between the traditional ceramic cup and carbon brick, reduces the thermal resistance layer, and ensures the overall heat transfer efficiency of the pouring furnace cylinder, the tuyere castable is used to replace the traditional tuyere composite brick in the tuyere area to prolong the service life of the refractory material in the tuyere area. The iron mouth castable is used to replace the traditional high alumina brick in the iron mouth area, which greatly enhances the resistance to slag and iron erosion. The waist of the furnace and the furnace body are cast with TITC castable and GLTC castable respectively, moreover, the relative transmission method greatly simplifies the processing process, which is conducive to shortening the construction period. In order to extend the service life of the blast furnace hearth, improve the safety index of the blast furnace, improve the production efficiency of the blast furnace, reduce the production cost of smelting, and achieve efficient, green and safe ironmaking The blast furnace provides strong technical support.

(1) HX-LD castable is used to replace the traditional ceramic coaster at the bottom of the furnace for self-flow leveling casting. The main components of the material are silicon carbide, carbon and high purity corundum with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, can effectively resist molten iron erosion and stably maintain the thermal balance of the furnace bottom.

(2) HX-LG high-toughness composite material is used to replace the traditional ceramic cup tiles at the hearth part. The material is made of high-quality dense corundum and silicon carbide as the main raw materials, using nano-composite binder imported from the United States, and adding a small amount of accelerator. It has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, slag iron erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, etc., eliminating the filling layer between the traditional ceramic cup and carbon bricks, and reducing the thermal resistance layer, the overall heat transfer efficiency of the pouring furnace is guaranteed.

The HXRJ-TK castable is used to replace the high alumina brick in the iron mouth area. The castable has the properties of anti-erosion and anti-slag iron erosion. Its purity is high. The binder is nano-scale silica sol. The post-burning line change of the castable is +0.1-0.2%. The closed ring, chain and net are formed by the silicon oxygen bond, and then a three-dimensional net structure is formed. This three-dimensional structure can maximize the strength and net density of the strength of the iron mouth lining material, resist the scouring of molten iron circulation and increase the ability to resist slag iron erosion.

The tuyere area belongs to the high temperature zone. HXRJ-FK castable is used to replace the traditional tuyere combination brick. No cement is added to the material. High-quality dense corundum and silicon carbide are used as the main raw materials, and silica sol imported from the United States is used as the binder. A small amount of accelerator is added to ensure the strength and reduce the impurity content of the castable. With high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can quickly form slag skin, extend the service life of the tuyere area resistant material.

The hot surface casting of the cooling wall at the waist of the furnace belly furnace adopts HXNM-TICTC high-strength composite material instead of the traditional Si4N3-SiC brick. The material is mainly silicon carbide and steel fiber is added, which has good thermal conductivity. High toughness; High strength; Resistance to slag iron erosion and alkaline erosion.

HXNM-GLTC composite material is used to replace the traditional phosphoric acid impregnated clay brick in the hot surface casting of the upper cooling wall of the furnace body. The material is mainly corundum and metal steel fiber, which has wear resistance, high strength, good toughness, mechanical wear resistance and thermal shock resistance.

The construction process of the integrated whole furnace casting refractory structure is more complicated, and its process control process requirements are extremely strict, and each use part needs to match the corresponding high-performance castable, which has the technical content that other unshaped refractory materials cannot match. It is called the "ivory tower" in the construction of unshaped refractory materials, and it is also an important symbol to measure the construction technology level of a refractory enterprise.

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As early as 1998, Huaxi Science and Technology Group took the lead in establishing the "International Alliance of New Technologies for the Integration of Longevity in Ironmaking Blast Furnace" with Beijing University of Science and Technology, TRE Company of the United States and MZ Company of Canada ". The alliance mainly studies refractory materials for blast furnace long-life lining, and conducts in-depth research from three aspects: metal plastic phase process, transition plastic phase process, and metal-oxide-non-oxide composite materials, and establishes a new material system and new process theory.

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