Quality Huaxi-clear goals, gather wisdom, innovate and develop, and forge ahead!


Oct 11,2019




On October 6, 2019, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the motherland, Huaxi Technology Group successfully held the 11th business analysis meeting. The meeting is divided into a special meeting on marketing and a special meeting on production technology, and the sub-venues are held on different themes, which makes the analysis of problems in enterprise management more thorough, the improvement measures more appropriate, the work deployment more clear, and the whole meeting more pragmatic and efficient.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the conference officially opened, and all stood up to sing the national anthem to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland. Every Huaxi person's face is full of pride, happiness and blessing and love for the great motherland!

Chief Technology Officer Xu Jingdong presented "Research and Development and Application of New Technology of West China Longevity Blast Furnace Lining Integration", detailing Huaxi Technology's technological innovation in blast furnace lining design structure, innovation in refractory configuration of Longevity Blast Furnace Lining and innovation in blast furnace lining construction technology.

At the same time, XCMG emphasized the strategic importance of continuous innovation of refractory technology, and proposed that the company needs to persevere in strengthening product research and development and technological innovation, so as to make better use of new technologies, new materials, new solutions, new life, and new guarantees to open up the market. Serve customers.

Chief Financial Officer Huo Zhentong reported on the company's operation from January to September and shared with everyone the common sense of finance and tax law involved in learning marketing.

Shao Guanqun, general manager of the marketing company, interprets the management system of the marketing company, analyzes the problems existing in the early marketing work and puts forward solutions to deploy the next stage of marketing work.


Liu Zhili, general manager of the marketing service center, shared the corporate culture of Huaxi with you and led you to take the oath of employees, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees and enhanced the cohesion of employees.


President Jiang Yuyi made a report on the work of the group company. Mr. Jiang first fully affirmed the business performance of the company from January to September 2019, and sincerely thanked the Huaxi people for their hard work and unremitting efforts. He also pointed out the shortcomings in the business operation and called on everyone to continue Strive for innovation and improvement. Secondly, Jiang always stressed that the company should continue to increase its technological research and development efforts in the next stage and unswervingly improve the overall quality of Huaxi. Finally, Jiang always asked all departments to improve quality and efficiency and go all out to complete the annual target tasks.


Jiang Guicheng, chairman of the group, mentioned in his speech that 2019 is coming to an end. He hoped that everyone would firmly lock in the target task and make full efforts to sprint. Happiness is not waiting out, is the struggle out! I hope that all Huaxi people will develop their ideas, forge ahead, establish a good work style, improve their personal quality, complete the set goals, and work hard to realize our common Huaxi dream!

Vice President Kang Zhibin summarized the preliminary work of the production technology system in detail, and put forward specific requirements for technology research and development, process improvement, raw material quality control, quality management system, etc., and planned and deployed the next stage of work.

Chief Financial Officer Huo Zhentong reported on the completion of the annual target tasks of the production system from January to September.

Han Mukang, director of the technology center, summarized the preliminary work of the technology center and deployed the tasks for the next stage.

Zhai Xinjian, director of the production center, summarized the preliminary work of the production center and deployed the tasks for the next stage.

Zhai Haitao, director of the supply center, summarized the preliminary work of the supply center and deployed the tasks for the next stage.


Jiang Fangqiang, Director of Human Resources Center, interprets the management system of supply, quality and technology.

Vice Chairman Jiang Yuzheng proposed that Huaxi Technology should take international advanced enterprises as a benchmark, improve the management system, and create a green, environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, intelligent, data-based, and refined production technology operation system. It is hoped that Huaxi people will enhance their learning awareness and strive to make Huaxi a "Huawei" and "Gree" in the refractory industry.

The 11th meeting inspired everyone's fighting spirit and made everyone clearer about the direction, responsibilities, methods and goals of the next period of work. Huaxi people will continue to adhere to the concept of "Huaxi science and technology, frequent innovation", take the safety and longevity of blast furnace as their own responsibility, and strive to build an iron-making system, blast furnace longevity, high-efficiency hot blast furnace, emergency repair, overhaul and expansion, and new engineering and technical service integration general contractor!