Precision maintenance cost reduction and efficiency, integrated general contracting services to achieve another success, to help Liansteel blast furnace to increase the amount of cost reduction.


Feb 08,2023



Recently, the general contracting project for the integration of medium and medium repair of No. 6 2200m blast furnace in Valin Lianyuan Steel, undertaken by Huaxi Science and Technology Group, was successfully completed and put into operation on January 15. The project adopts international cutting-edge patented technologies such as integral pouring of tuyere belt, hot surface pouring of cooling wall, wet injection lining and intelligent hard pressure-in lining, which provide a strong guarantee for the blast furnace to achieve rapid efficiency and production.

West China Science and Technology Group attaches great importance to the medium repair project of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 6# furnace. After many technical exchanges, in view of the existing problems of 6# furnace, it quickly organized a project technology department composed of group vice president Kang Zhibin, chief material expert Xu Jingdong, ironmaking technology expert Sun Zhihui and other members to solve the technical problems in the construction process at any time. The project has overcome many adverse effects caused by winter construction. Through scientific organization, using the international leading technology research and development advantages, it carries forward the fine tradition of West China Iron Army not afraid of difficulties and forge ahead bravely. The injection furnace type can be called exquisite! Lianyuan steel leadership by the high praise and praise!
1. Accurate diagnosis of blast furnace erosion and integral pouring of tuyere zone
After fully considering the design characteristics and special requirements of the project, the technical team repeatedly studied, analyzed and discussed the operation of the blast furnace, made a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis of the 6# blast furnace before construction, and decided to use the integrated pouring technology of the tuyere belt to repair the tuyere area of the blast furnace. All refractory materials in the tuyere area shall be removed, and the tuyere shall be segmented to support the formwork. During pouring, the whole furnace shall be cast and formed, and the size of the original furnace type shall be completely restored.


The tuyere area belongs to the high temperature zone. The technical team decided to use HXRJ-FK castable instead of the traditional tuyere combination brick. No cement is added to the material. High-quality dense corundum and silicon carbide are used as the main raw materials, and silica sol imported from the United States is used as the binder. A small amount of accelerator is added to ensure the strength and reduce the impurity content of the castable. It has the properties of high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance, alkali resistance and erosion resistance, can quickly form slag skin, avoid the influence of brick joints, reduce the risk of gas channeling at the tuyere, and extend the service life of refractory materials in the tuyere area.
2. Cooling wall hot surface pouring, easy to hang slag skin, the formation of the furnace lining protection
The cooling wall hot surface casting technology (patent number: ZL 201811449733.8) is to pour a high-strength ceramic fiber castable on the cooling wall, so that the cooling wall forms an artificial slag skin in advance to protect the cooling wall and prolong the service life of the cooling wall. the purpose.


The technology is based on the optimal selection of materials and continuous innovation of processes, giving full play to the respective advantages of metal materials and non-metallic materials. The product has excellent performance and is easy to hang slag. It can not only realize the perfect combination between the dovetail groove and anchor designed by the cooling wall itself, but also ensure that the cooling wall body and the hot surface castable form a whole.
3. The furnace belly furnace waist is lined by wet injection to perfectly restore the design furnace type.
The sixth generation of West China wet injection lining technology (patent number: 201010179044.7) is one of the symbols of the development level of blast furnace long-life ironmaking technology, and is the fastest and most effective method of intelligent lining, energy saving and consumption reduction. The technology of blast furnace furnace belly, furnace waist, furnace body injection, can quickly restore the reasonable furnace type, improve production, reduce energy consumption, after the furnace to produce nitrogen and furnace wall secondary combination, continuous intelligent maintenance of furnace lining, optimize the blast furnace fuel consumption, blast furnace performance is good, by domestic and foreign steel enterprises.


Technical advantages
(1) The sixth generation of West China wet injection lining technology completely adopts sol binding, so that the binding between materials has affinity, the material structure has been further optimized, abandon the traditional water-adding binding process, completely solve the traditional process of water material binding difference, easy to fall off after bonding phenomenon.
(2) According to the construction feedback over the past few years, the construction rebound rate is less than or equal to 5%, and no dust and toxic and harmful gases are generated during injection, so as to avoid the normal operation of TRT affected by dust.
(3) The lining formed by high-pressure injection forms a high-density lining body in the blast furnace lining, with low porosity, high density, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid slag hanging and rapid production.
(4) Stabilize the edge airflow and improve the blast furnace smelting intensity.
(5) Rapid recovery of reasonable furnace type, increase production and reduce energy consumption are the most efficient and effective method for the longevity of blast furnace.
(6) Intelligent lining, energy saving and consumption reduction lining, blast furnace will produce nitrogen after the furnace, and the furnace wall secondary combination of continuous intelligent maintenance of furnace lining, so that the gas flow to the center of the blast furnace convergence circulation, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.
4. Adopt intelligent press-in lining technology to completely solve the stubborn disease of "gas channeling".
Intelligent grouting patent technology (patent number: ZL 201010179045.1) is a comprehensive application technology that integrates pressing materials, pressing equipment and pressing operation. It can prevent blast furnace gas leakage, effectively extend the service life of blast furnace and hot blast stove, provide customers with high-quality and efficient services, and create a platform for safe operation.


In view of the problems in the operation of 6# furnace, the design team adopts intelligent infrared imager to accurately locate the abnormal temperature area of the furnace skin, and decides to choose high aluminum composite indentation material HX-YR for this grouting, and adopts the indentation material HX-YR formed by reasonable grading of various micropowders and composite binders, which has the following advantages:
Good fluidity, strong permeability, gelatinous after condensation, firmly bonded with the iron shell and furnace lining, effectively filling the cracks and holes in the furnace lining to prevent gas leakage;
② Prevent the furnace shell and cooling equipment from thermal deformation and damage;
③ Keep the furnace lining wear evenly to prevent further damage to the furnace lining;
④ Emergency treatment measures for furnace lining repair under accident condition.
5. Develop a scientific oven plan and start the oven to reach production.
According to the blast furnace construction situation, specify the baking scheme, reasonably arrange the baking time, and draw the baking curve; Strictly according to the scheme, detect the baking parameters hour by hour, ensure the baking quality, and achieve the effect of improving the operation index of the blast furnace.


The medium repair project of Lianyuan Steel's 6#2200m ³ blast furnace is a qualitative leap in terms of scheme technology, construction technology and material technology, reaching the international leading level and providing high-quality service and guarantee for the longevity of blast furnace. Therefore, it has been highly praised and praised by the leaders of Lianyuan Steel. Huaxi Science and Technology Group will also take this as a driving force and continue to adhere to the service concept of "taking customer demand as its own responsibility, adding credibility with high-quality service, customer satisfaction as the goal, and increasing strength with scientific and technological innovation". With new technologies, new materials, new programs and new services, we will meticulously complete all the contracted engineering service projects to protect the longevity of the blast furnace of iron and steel enterprises!

Sword front comes from sharpening, plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. Huaxi people have created high-quality projects with painstaking efforts and sweat. While completing each project with high efficiency and high quality, they have also won unanimous praise from customers, which has strengthened our development confidence and innovation pace. In the future, Huaxi Science and Technology will take the development of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty as the focus of promoting the growth of enterprises, build the first international brand of blast furnace lining integrated service, adhere to international standards and industry benchmark, and help global iron and steel enterprises to achieve green, efficient, safe and longevity ironmaking! Let ironmaking workers peace of mind, happy, down-to-earth work!